Dladv Technologies offers a wide variety of nanomaterials, including carbon nanotube powders, aligned nanotube arrays, nanoparticles, products made from carbon nanotubes & nanotube processing aids. We are also working to develop products in fields of composites, optical devices and field emission.

About Us


Nanolab Technologies - Analytical Service Company

Accomplished, professionally prepared, profoundly experienced, and incredibly talented, our insight based group can prescribe and apply demonstrated solutions to help take care of your issues or give client coordinated testing investigation utilizing our industry driving instruments.

DL ADV-TECH’s number one objective is to guarantee that you, our clients, get convenient, precise, and valuable data, using the most ideal, savvy, information driven, critical thinking approachs that help you take care of your issues and solve problems.

DL ADV-TECH skills are both wide and assorted. With years of advanced education and 5 to 40 years of work involvement in advanced analytical techniques, our logical specialists incorporate Ph.D’s and scientists who are distinguished authors of industry standard books, various specialized articles, moderators at industry related gatherings, and beneficiaries of various industry and individual honors.

Our specialized group is accessible to converse with you about your explanatory needs, and give an ideal, information based solution to help you take care of your issues. Reach us today and use our aptitude and assets.


Pt-Pd nanoparticles Pt–Au nanoparticles
Carbon dots Functionalized carbon dots
Chlorophyll-carbon dots Ag nanowires
Pt nanotubes MnO2 nanotube
MnO2 nanosheet C3N4 nanosheet
Monolayer Molybdenum Disulfide Monolayer Tungsten Disulfide
Carbon nanowire aerogels PdCu aerogels
Ni nanosponge PtNi hollow nanochains
Pd nanosponge Pd–Ag Bimetallic Alloy Networks


DL ADV-TECH routinely performs advanced work for and with our clients.

Our staffs have planned/defined various composites, gadgets, paints and coatings for different applications, and can work with you to build up a framework that addresses your issues. We have also worked in various ventures, from aviation to shopper merchandise, so we know how to outline items on every scale and with minimal effort. Our activities are comprised of four stages:

1. Understand
We commonly begin by meeting with our customer, where we indicate a coveted property set. We characterize which properties should be determined and at what levels.

2. Engage
We then create an improvement exertion proposition from those necessities. Our group of materials researchers, nano technologists, electrical specialists, scholars, and physicists work cooperatively to create a solution. The customers regularly work with us, performing tests or confirming our outcomes en route.

3. Transfer
When we have built up a framework that meets the test criteria, we distribute that plan to our customer, or orchestrate the framework’s product, through our inner assembling frameworks.

4. Protect
Protected innovation is vital in the field of material sciences. In some cases, we produce new protected innovation when working for a customer to build up another plan or material or gadget. This IP has a place with the customer in their application space, and DL ADV-TECH for the most part holds the rights to utilize the innovation somewhere else. We can produce temporary or full filings, and work either with our patent attorneys or the customer’s to acquire assurance.

In any case, we are glad to share our insight.

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